We are proud of the young leaders at Owosso Public Schools in Michigan, for "Paying It Forward" to the children of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

A Student To Student Global Service Learning Project

Boxes4Bracelets is a 4North program that is a simple and wonderful way for students to connect to other students globally, create jobs in underdeveloped countries, and most importantly send kids to school.

By helping us sell the bracelets, you are providing our Haitian artisans:

  • A Sustainable Income
  • Funding For An Education
  • Empowerment For Their Families

How it works

The bracelets begin as a variety of different types of cereal boxes collected by local students. The cereal boxes are sent to developed worlds where local artisans are able to create beautiful, unique jewelry out of them.

An annual education

Free school lunches for a year

An official school uniform

..and a backpack full of supplies!

"..just the more people out there telling the story and getting the needs out there is just a huge asset for us."

Shelley Cameron Founder, Papillon Marketplace

Shelley Cameron

A 4North Moment

Sending a student back to school with the Boxes4Bracelets.

Staissie was pulled out of school because her Mother, Yvonne, missed tuition payments due to illness. 4North's Boxes4Bracelets and general donations were able to support Yvonne with a sustainable income which enrolled Staissie back into school today. This is a great example of what happens with the funding from our projects.

Purchase a bracelet today to further assist students like Staissie. If you're a teacher and would like to become part of our educational fundraising project, we have a wonderful program currently all over midwestern schools and would love to further expand these efforts.

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