A Strong Partnership

Rotary International (Project 1 of 12) — Honduras, DR (Usable Water System)

When discussing our our journey of providing usable water and restoration projects to the developing communities near Bani – Dominican Republic, we are always asked the question, “Where did it all begin?”

Before the days of COVID, The 4North Project received financial support from Rotary International as well as 3 private investors. The plan was fairly simple at the time. We were on track of building a small community school house or restore an existing one. We had the vision, the team and even the rough sketches prepared.

Fast forward to COVID. Not only did schools in the Dominican Republic close but there was no promise that the small community schools would even open back up. In fact, 19 months later, schools are still closed here. We knew that there were too many uncertainties to move forward on the original vision. What if we build a small school house and it never gets used or what if we restore an existing school and it never opens up again?

We decided that the best course of action and use of the original funds is to align ourselves with Rotary International’s useable water initiatives and continue our work with restoring the communities in need.

The original funding will now be split into 12 small but impactful projects that focus on usable Water and restorations. Some of those projects will include installing toilets, sinks and/ or showers that our volunteers can engage in. We will also be restoring/ renovating homes by painting, deep cleaning and securing foundations.

We want to thank Rotary International for this opportunity and partnership that is ahead of us. Although the original vision has changed, we will work hard to make you proud when serving others.

We met Josephine and her family while traveling to San Rosa Martinez Medical Clinic. We discovered that Josephine, 72, never had a functional bathroom in her lifetime. The funding covered the labor, cistern, tower build, holding tank and water pump. This would connect directly into their unfinished bathroom to provide the solution they we looking for.

Check out the video below to follow our journey.