Mission Statement

Offer developing worlds sustainable and secure solutions while educating and empowering the people.


Telling our story in the "Living For Giving" series

Our Goals

Founded in 2018, The 4North Project is a 501(c)(3) that solves humanitarian issues with a focus on travel, volunteering, and unique experiences.

We establish relationships with local communities in developing worlds, raise funds, and develop projects that improve their way of life while still respecting their culture and environment.

Our long-term goal is to educate and empower as many developing communities as we can with on-site volunteering and behind-the-scenes fundraising.

We also want to continue offering life-changing experiences to volunteers around the world with help in our background in production, design, and visual storytelling to improve the awareness of our efforts.

Our approach

We connect, we solve, and we document.

We have had the opportunity to provide solutions for people in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Uganda, and Guatemala. In order for these assignments and on-site projects to occur, we communicate with the local community to discover areas of need and ensure targeted assistance.  Once a location has been safely scouted, volunteer opportunities will be posted on our travel page and social channels.

Being a small and impactful non-profit has many benefits, such as pure transparency. Our goal has always remained the same for our supporters: to continue to show their efforts and funding in action.

Our sponsors and supporters