Kindness Is Key

Kindness is a beautiful cycle. Most of us believe that if you do something kind for someone, they will pass that kindness onto someone else.

Medicine Distribution Center

When 4North started the medical clinic journey we had to lean on the experts in the field. Our partnership with both MedVenture App and Travel

Vibrant In Color

Rotary International (Project 3 of 12) — Galeon, DR (Painted A House) We are becoming more familiar with the process of building and installing usable

First For Both

Rotary International (Project 2 of 12) — La Monteria, DR (Full Toilet Room Build) When you book an experience with The 4North Project there are

The Cigar Culture

When we started to scout locations and activities for our adventure packages, we leaned towards the obvious whitewater rafting, paragliding and ATV off-road riding in

A Strong Partnership

Rotary International (Project 1 of 12) — Honduras, DR (Usable Water System) When discussing our our journey of providing usable water and restoration projects to

A Visual Difference

Whether it’s for reading, driving, or seeing the world clearly eye glasses give us a sense of security. We first heard of the non-medical eye

On Every Corner

There are businesses in the United States that would be recognized as being “on every corner”. Fast food pops in our heads, McDonald’s, Burger King

Almost On Empty

In the last 11 months, we’ve had many challenges. The one challenge that tops them all is the ever changing curfew laws put into place