Dinner Is Served

Let’s start with the Dominican Republic, national dish. It is almost impossible to go 24 hours without seeing “La Bandera” served somewhere. You will see


Places To Visit

Establishing a presence in the Dominican Republican has given us the opportunity to discover the beauty of this land and it’s people. While we may

Buggy riding in the Dominican Republic

Off Road Adventure

Scouting locations, programs and projects can be extremely challenging. Due to small budgets and logistics, many of our scouting assignments never see the light of

The Barbershop Experience

During the early stages of COVID, it was important that we remained in home quarantine until further notice. This also meant we would not have

Immediate Food Assistance

Give Food. Seems simple, right? This is by far the most difficult program we offer. The goal is always to seek out sustainable solutions. Teach

No Road Rage

After you arrive in Santo Domingo, you’ll notice two things when you step foot outside of the airport. First, is the heat. There is no

The Water Pump

As we drove the motor scooters southbound, on a road that doesn’t exist on GoogleMaps, we noticed a very small medical clinic in the middle