Clean Water Initiative

Usable water is a fundamental human need, especially in times of a pandemic. Electric water pumps, sanitation stations, showers and clean toilets can help prevent the spread of viruses. When we arrived in the Southern part of the Dominican Republic, 4North committed to replacing and repairing many of these issues. Our projects continue to give families a sense of security and also simplify their daily routine.

Today, our vision has expanded into clean water initiatives, such as the delivery of drinkable water to the communities in need. Our DarAgua “Give Water” Program, is leading this charge. 

DarAgua was launched this year on World Water Day with our partners and friends at Lead Healthstaff. Together, we wanted to create a program that offered our supporters a simple way to give back and follow the impact they are making. 

On March 22, 2022 we committed to delivering 2000 gallons of clean drinkable water to local schools and medical clinics outside of Bani.  Every 5 gallon bottle is filtered to the highest quality and delivered by our team of volunteers each month.  

6 months into DarAgua, we are proud to say, “we have crushed our goals!”

Gallons Delivered: 2375

Bottles Delivered: 475

Medical Clinics Served: 11

Communities Served: 10

Schools Served: 2 (800 Students)

This is a great example of vision and collaboration.  If you would like to join the effort, you can support us at DarAgua.org or volunteer today.