Create Change 2020: Volunteer Update

As a non-profit, The 4North Project prides itself on transparency of our funding and actions, especially in times like
this. As of today, COVID-19 has deeply affected the 4 pillars our mission represents:

Education • Sustainability • Empowerment • Security

Teachers Educate outside of the school system, families are being threatened by not having a Sustainable income,
Empowering each other is more important than ever and staying Safe is the global priority for all of us.


It’s been decided to postpone all school, virtual and event fundraisers. This was obviously a difficult decision
because we are a small non-profit and depend on quarterly funding, however we understand that the health and
safety of you and your family should always be the #1 concern.

Travel & Volunteering

As of today, our volunteer programs will continue. Due to travel restrictions, Australia events will be postponed
until we work on a more realistic date. US volunteers will continue as planned, although we are aware this can
change quickly. Since social gathering and travel information is changing hourly, we do not have all the answers. As
new information comes in, 4North will aim to rapidly create solutions for everyone. Whether you are traveling from
Australia or the US, your trip has been paid partially or in full, or your fundraising is still ongoing, we understand that
each of our volunteers is at a different stage. 4North will be reaching out to you individually, with options on being as
flexible as possible.

I Am Traveling As A Volunteer. What Do I Do Next?

Nothing at the moment… you have other priorities to focus on. As always, we are following guidance from Federal,
State and local agencies, including the CDC and WHO. 4North will also continue to work with the airlines and logistics
companies. We will stay in touch with new discoveries and options as they come to us. If you have payments due, our
invoicing will be extended and resume on April 15.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult and confusing time. We can’t stress enough the impact this will
have on 4North and everyone involved, please continue to have patience with us. We are doing the absolute best we

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Gewirtz at
We look forward to continuing our relationship with you.