A 4North Trip

Create Change 2020

An unforgettable experience for volunteering in the Dominican Republic, Create Change is a series of different onsite projects that focus on education, empowerment, security, and sustainability for developing communities.

About this trip

Join us for a mission-driven immersive travel experience. On a 4North trip, you’ll learn about developing worlds and meet amazing communities.

By embarking on an inspiring journey in the Dominican Republic, you’ll meet our team and other volunteers, participate in our foundational and/or spotlight programs, and gain authentic knowledge to return home as an advocate for the Dominican Republic and its people.

Note: Travelers are required to have a valid passport, Insurance (3rd  Party) and recommended vaccinations (Tetanus, Hepatitis A and Malaria).

Who are we looking for?

Dynamic, go-getting travelers that are looking to think and live outside of their comfort zone.  This is not a vacation but a journey to making a difference.

What's included?

4North Representative

Matt Gewirtz, Director Of Global Responsibility

Airfare (Round Trip)

Your flight must arrive before 2PM on June 23, 2020

Ground Transportation

Fuel Included/ WiFi

Secure Guest House

Dormitory Style

Full Utilities

Clean Drinking Water/ Electricity/ Air Conditioning/ WiFi

Daily Meals

11 Meals Per Volunteer, Full Time Cook


5 Star Experience Level


5 Star Experience Level

Projects/ Tours

Created By 4North


Required: Valid Passport


Recommended: Hepatitis A, Malaria And Tetanus


Our Journey Begins: 6.23.20
After your 4North Representative greets you at the airport, you'll be driven to the team guest house. Once you're settled in you will meet the rest of the team members at an early dinner. After dinner, you will get your first sneak peek of one of the villages we will help support.
Class Is Now In Session: 6.24.20
We hit the ground running with one of our longest days to start with. Our journey will take us back to the capital city of Santo Domingo for an education session. Our Empowerment Team will have a personal protection session with the young teens while flex volunteers will engage in the classroom offering our Skills4Living Program. Before we leave the school we will get a chance to support their onsite orphanage. Then it's off to experience the markets.
Connecting The Dots: 6.25.20 - 6.26.20
For the next two days, we will be making deep connections with the people of Bani. Our Empowerment Team will deliver a full program raising awareness, teaching the importance of protecting others and building community leaders, not aggressors. We will also be inviting the families around the community for free health checks and eye exams. Our group will break each afternoon to explore and learn about the culture. We have a beach visit planned along with Bani's Famous Mango Festival and a nice dinner in a local restaurant.
Raising A Community: 06.27.20
Today is a very important day for the youth in Bani. Some of these teens may never graduate from anything if their lifetime. We will hold a ceremony honoring the graduates of the Empowerment & Personal Protection Program. There will also be a luncheon hosted and served by 4North for the community. After the ceremony, we will be the surprise visitors at the Children's Cancer Center.
If You Build It: 6.28.20
If the timing is right, we will have a chance to break ground on our first 4North Skills4Living Center. We will meet early in the morning on the build site and the Dominican Republic contractors will put us to work. Stay hydrated and put on that sunscreen, because it's going to be a long day.
Life In The DR: 6.29.20
What is life like in the Dominican Republic? You will have the chance to work on a local coffee farm. We will head into the mountains to see how coffee beans are picked, dried and placed into the grinder to fully understand a sustainable way of living. After the experience, we will feed the local communities on foot and then begin setting up for our village movie night for the children.
Until We Meet Again: 06.30.20
It will be tough to say goodbye. We’ve been through it. Not only have you made an impact on the people of Bani but they have made an impact on you as well. As you fly home and reflect, The People Of Bani will be in your heart forever.

What's next?

Booked your trip and read the guidelines? We will keep in touch with you for any changes to travel or programs.