Getting Involved

Ways we work together

The 4North Project offers a variety of opportunities to help support those in need. Please contact us for collaborations, events, fundraising, or general questions. We always appreciate the efforts.

Brand Collaboration

With backgrounds in video production, branding, and design, we can help create something fun and creative for your company’s products and services. Percentage of sales on the custom-designed products or services can be used toward efforts in developing worlds.
Storefront bracelets

Storefront Product

Have a storefront? Any business works. We can supply you with our fundraising products such as our cereal box bracelets, signage and stands. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on future product fundraisers.

Speaking Events

Learn first-hand what we do! Speaking events not only created a great network opportunity, but it’s a great way for the community to come together and make an impact on the world.  You will see first hand through a series of videos what we have accomplished and our future goals.
*A 4North Representative is required to keynote speak at the event.

Fundraising stories

We take pride in being experience providers for all of our volunteers. From the moment you land, our staff will take you to the places that are off the grid, teach you about a different way of life and connect you with our social impact programs to help local communities.


Students around the globe collected cereal boxes that  shipped to developing worlds where artisans created handmade bracelets for purchase. Each piece created hundreds of sustainable jobs in developing worlds such as Haiti and Uganda.

Students then sold the bracelets to their family, friends and community. With over 1,100 items sold and over $22,000 raised, Boxes4Bracelets has been one of our most successful fundraisers to date!


Students in developing worlds received:

  • An annual education
  • Official school uniforms
  • Backpacks full of supplies
  • Free lunches for a year


Girl H.Y.P.E Is Giving Back

Last summer, we had a great opportunity to connect the young ladies of Girl H.Y.P.E to several all girl schools in Haiti. Lisa Hill-Workman, You are a true leader in your community. Thank you for empowering these young ladies and partnering with us on this very special project.


Students in Haiti received school supplies from the U.S.