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DarAgua Water Delivery

We have committed to 2000 gallons of free drinkable water by March 22, 2023

As Of Today–

Gallons Served:  1,500
Bottles Served:  300
Medical Clinics:  11
Communities:  10
Active Water Coolers:  5

DarAgua is 4North’s first clean water initiative. With our journey beginning on World Water Day as a partnership with Lead Health, this drinkable water is produced and bottled in Bani, Dominican Republic. Delivering our clean water will help support schools, medical clinics and small communities in need.

About Lead Health

Lead Healthstaff was founded with the mission of providing the highest quality nursing and allied professionals to healthcare facilities by utilizing advanced systems while prioritizing the human contact element in all interactions.

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Signing up for 4North’s Off The Grid travel package will give you the opportunity to ride in the Las Yayitas mountain region and deliver clean water to the friendly communities.