Kindness Is Key

Kindness is a beautiful cycle. Most of us believe that if you do something kind for someone, they will pass that kindness onto someone else. We have staff members, supporters and volunteers that live by this. And eventually that cycle will come back when you least expect it. Here are a couple stories of kindness returning to us in amazing ways.

In the height of the pandemic, the Dominican Republic had very strict curfew laws. You could leave your home from 7am to 12 noon only. This made it extremely difficult to work and run simple errands. On one random weekday, we were traveling outside of Bani and noticed that the scooter fuel was low. Normally we would not worry but it was just past curfew so this meant the gas stations were closed! As one of the scooters ran out of gas a man watched us panic for a minute. We waved us over and pulled out two beer bottles full of gas and insisted on filling the tank. Not only did he help us in a tough situation but the man never asked for anything in return.

Sometimes we are so busy helping other people we can’t seem to take a breath and focus on ourselves or the little chores around us. On this particular afternoon, we looked outside of the guest house and noticed our neighbor pulling the weeds and trimming the small areas of grass. When we asked why he was doing it he went on the explain, “I appreciate you bringing volunteers into my country to help my people. I just wanted the house to look nice when they arrive.” Once again, he asked for nothing in return.

It’s moments like this that keep the cycle going. We are happy to be helping the people in need from the Dominican Republic and we will always ask for nothing in return.