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Matt Gewirtz

Matt Gewirtz

Director of Global Responsibility

Matt Gewirtz started his 25 year career documenting visual stories with a single camera. From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to shark diving and living with tribal villages- where he’s encountered challenges like only eating one potato a day, for 31 straight days. This path of storytelling led him on a journey around the world serving the less fortunate and into a role of Global Responsibility.

As 4North’s Co-Founder and Director of Global Responsibility, Matt has become a leader in connecting students to students with service learning projects by speaking to hundreds of classrooms each year. He has also been instrumental in traveling to unknown villages and assisting in the program development that create new jobs, offer educational camps, tuition, medical clinics, eye exams, personal protection and immediate food assistance.

Tyler Lagalo

Creative Director
Co-Founder / Board of Directors

Tyler is a designer and art director with more than ten years experience creating fun and dynamic experiences for global brands. He works on site at Avanade, a global professional services company, in downtown Chicago. 

With a passion for traveling, creating and helping those in need around the globe, Tyler joined The 4North Project with the idea of integrating and pushing his talents to help and raise awareness for less fortunate communities. This includes leading 4North’s branding, marketing, and digital efforts, as well as telling these stories on-site with a camera when  possible.

Megan Friend

Director of Education
Board of Directors

Tania Rowan

Director of Empowerment
Board of Directors

Kyl Reber

Kyl Reber

Director of Security
Board of Directors

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