Off Road Adventure

Scouting locations, programs and projects can be extremely challenging. Due to small budgets and logistics, many of our scouting assignments never see the light of day. Also, let me note that 95% of our scouting budget comes from our personal pockets.

Our team can travel by truck, scooter, boat, helicopter or even donkey to reach the destination but taking a handful of volunteers, with supplies, can change the dynamic quickly.

When choosing a location or project, the first thing we want to make sure is that we have a budget to keep our team safe. If the budget does not cover proper vehicles and/or personal protection, then we simply cancel and move onto the next assignment. Second, after arrival we must experience everything first hand as if we were the 4North volunteers.

Recently, our scouting in Jarabacoa turned into a very special assignment. We had room in the vehicle for one more person so we decided to ask Dr. Rodolfo Carmona of the Centro De Primer Nivel, Medical Clinic. Dr. Carmona has been extremely instrumental in developing the 4North food distribution center in Honduras, DR.

Going on an offroad adventure!What we thought of as a scouting assignment turned into an unforgettable adventure and opportunity for our friend, Dr. Carmona. From seeing the beautiful landscapes, tasting new foods and driving off-road through the mountains was something our team will never forget.

Offing opportunities and creating experiences is the core of what 4North strives for. —- We are also happy to announce that we will be offering this same adventure to all of our volunteers in 2021!