The Cigar Culture

When we started to scout locations and activities for our adventure packages, we leaned towards the obvious whitewater rafting, paragliding and ATV off-road riding in beautiful Jarabacoa.

In addition, we wanted a few options that focused on relaxation as well. As we began hiking trails, walking the beaches and chilling at the pool clubs we came across a cigar lounge located near the city center. Our first thought was, this is definitely not for everyone but let’s check out the experience anyway.

As we walked up the stairs that overlook the streets of Bani, Tactical Cigar Lounge is a level above the rest when it comes to customer service. Mariéla, Tactical’s Cigar Server, met us as the door to greet us.

The atmosphere screams VIP with a walk-in humidor, leather furniture, perfectly dimmed lights and knowledgeable staff. (Thank goodness because most of us did not have a background in cigars.)

After taking our seats Co-Owner, Mr. Taggar Sanchez, approached us. He educated and entertained us for 30 minutes about his background, products, cigar culture and his passion for the business. We were hooked, but is this something our volunteers would like to experience?

A few weeks later, we ran a test run with our volunteers. We all agreed it was a highlight experience of the trip. Not only did we learn about a sustainable business but our 30 minute tour turned into 3 hours of enjoyment.

Taggar gave us a top-notch experience with cigars paired with whiskeys and wines paired with cheeses. We shared stories of world travels and ended the evening with a karaoke competition.

As for the one experience we thought would not be for everyone, it has a way of joining our volunteers together in a unique way. In fact, it’s 4North’s most popular add-on package to date.