Onsite Projects


Rotary International

Creating Usable Water

Usable water is a fundamental human need, especially in times of a pandemic. Sanitation stations, showers and clean toilets can help prevent the spread of viruses. 4North is committed to replacing and repairing electric water pumps throughout Southern Dominican Republic. This will give families a sense of security and also simplify their daily routine.

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Many educational centers, small businesses, and homes still lack proper sanitation and restroom facilities in the Dominican Republic. 4North is working hard on toilet and sanitary station renovation throughout Southern Dominican Republic. Join us in this effort to make these renovations a safe and clean environment for the people we serve.

DarAgua Water Delivery

Our water delivery service.

Past Projects

Our volunteers have led:

Teaching in the classroom

Our educators have presented carefully created projects to the students. Projects include S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), Skills For Living, Team Building and much more.

Feeding the community

We have walked the food to doorsteps, set up food stations within the community and even taken a sustainable approach by planting fruit trees at the schools. It doesn’t matter the method, 4North will work hard on making sure meals are delivered.

Eye exams

Seeing for the first time can give someone that sense of security they’ve never felt before. 4North’s non medical eye exams has serviced thousands of people in 8 different countries. Seeing is truly believing.

Medical checkups

Our volunteer doctors, nurses and pharmacists have toured the countryside inviting those in need of simple checkups. With most hospitals located far apart, people will walk miles to meet with us and discuss their conditions.

Dance empowerment

In the past, we have offered dance programs for all ages. Our step by step dance routines not only build excitement throughout the communities, but they empower the young dancers as well.

Job creation

4North has been instrumental in helping create hundreds of jobs around the globe. Job creation will not only feed families but it also offers educational opportunities for the children.

Sports & activities camps

In the past, basketball had been our way of building character and educating young children about the importance of teamwork. We have always felt that we can accomplish more by working together.

Personal protection

We've focused on teaching young women the importance of self awareness, having a voice, who to trust and fighting back. We have also taken it a step further by mentoring the young men of the community and teaching them the importance of becoming a community leader, not an aggressor.

Sustainable living

We care about the communities and their future. Our global efforts started with planting mango trees to building small businesses through our micro-financing courses. We also have assisted in small build projects for families and the community.