First For Both

Rotary International (Project 2 of 12) — La Monteria, DR (Full Toilet Room Build)

When you book an experience with The 4North Project there are many “first times” for some of our volunteers. Maybe it’s leaving your home country, flying on an airplane, trying new foods, navigating a new language or immersing yourself in a different culture and way of life.

It’s the same for the people we service. Maybe they are seeing for the first time because of our eye exam clinic or meeting a visitor from another country.

In the small northern village of La Monteria, we were blessed to meet a wonderful family that was seeking a “first time”. They never had a toilet or bathroom space to call there own. The backyard woods was what they used as a bathroom most of their lives.

Jauna and Pablo live with their Daughter, Maria and Grand Daughters, Stacey and Liz. All five share one bedroom with an additional living space. Their kitchen is outside and there is no toilet to be found.

Our volunteers saw this as an opportunity to understand a different way of life with challenges they may not be familiar with and offering a solution to help the situation.

The build was fairly simple. The family already had the ground work finished before we arrived. This required our team to pour the foundation, help build the structure as an addition to their home and of course add a brand new toilet.

There were many “first times” for almost everyone involved. We are honored to be a part of this special experience and help create a solution for Juana and Pablo’s family.