The Water Pump

As we drove the motor scooters southbound, on a road that doesn’t exist on GoogleMaps, we noticed a very small medical clinic in the middle of nowhere. We immediately pulled over to get a closer look.

Dr. Rodolfo Carmona, whom spoke beautiful English, and his staff of two were waiting at the door to service the people. We quickly introduced ourselves and commented on their nice facility. Dr. Carmona smiled and mentioned that they had many challenges…. yes it’s in our non profit nature to ask about the challenges, because we see them as an opportunity to help.

Water pump - Southern Domincan Republic
Woman holding bucket of water

He continued to explain that the last time their water pump worked properly was in 1986. For years, the Doctor and his colleagues haul in buckets of usable water from their tank to fill the sinks and flush out the toilets. This is a time consuming task that can be very unsanitary. How can we connect the dots and find a solution? Enter the scene… Juan.

Juan has been a blessing to the 4North team. He has come through for us many times when problems arise at the the 4North Guest House. So we viewed this as another opportunity. We simply connected the dots by creating a more sustainable income for Juan and also helping the small but impactful Medical Clinic in a time of need.

Within 48 hours, after a long 34 years, we had water pumping throughout the clinic!