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Establishing a presence in the Dominican Republican has given us the opportunity to discover the beauty of this land and it’s people. While we may be spending the majority of our time providing sustainable solutions for nearby communities and a multitude of empowering and educational projects, spending a day with our volunteers in the country’s captivating locations is also part of our experience. Where else can you find endless white beaches, sandy dunes, and national parks that are completely out of this world?

Dunes of Bani

Dunes of Baní

The Dunes of Baní are situated in Las Calderas Penninsual between Matanzas, Las Calderas and Las Salinas. It is a popular resort, and there is little wonder why. The sand is very smooth thanks to the quartz and feldspar. These dunes are formed because of the deposits of the Bahia Stream and Nizao River. The dunes stand tall, with the highest 35 meters.

The view is picturesque because of the subtropical dry forests. The presence of red, buttonwood, and dark mangrove give the area vibrant colors. Plus, there are also olive trees present there, which contribute to the scenic beauty. However, you will not find amphibians here because of the salinity and the dry weather. You might find birds here such as flamingos and seagulls, and ground doves. It’s a must-visit, especially if you are in the area. 

Maximo Gomez National Park

Maximo Gomez National Park

This is another attraction near Baní and one you don’t want to miss out. The Maximo National park is located in Cambita Garabitos in the southeastern part of the country. The terrain is mostly hilly, but the view enjoyable. The highest point is 452 meters above sea level. In the surrounding, you can find the savannah forest. Some famous landmarks you can explore here are the Lama de Guayabo, Cueva de Mana, and Valadisia Reservoir. You can go for a hike, or simply walk around and enjoy nature.

Valle Nuevo National Park

Valle Nuevo National Park

Valle Nuevo National Park offers you bird watching and mountain trekking opportunities. Considered to be one of the top attraction spots in the Dominican Republic, the road leads straight from the Aguas Blancas waterfall towards the mountaintop mesa, located at an altitude of more than 2200 meters. It is surrounded by tall pine and green trees. This area is also known as the “Madre de las Aguas.” It has multiple rivers that supply the country.

Vallue Nuevo’s is another picturesque spot that should be on your list. It stretches for 902 square kilometers and is surrounded by a cloud forest, highland plains, and savannas of alpine grass. This area is enclosed by rocky mountains, which has over 500 species of plants. There are also several species of amphibians, butterflies, and birds. It is one of the best places to visit if you are looking to be alone in nature for a while. Here, you can trek, hike, or bike. You can also just sit there and take in the view with all of its glory.

Cascada Limon

Cascada Limón

Cascada Limon is nestled within the mountains of the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. There are several trails which you can take to get to Cascada Limon. The distance and difficulty level of the track vary. You should pick the one you are most comfortable as ultimately, they will all take you to the same destination—the entrance at the top of El Limon.

You can walk there, sit on a horse, or take the bus to the top of the trail. The less experienced people should take the bus as riding a horse can be a bit scary. Once you reach the destination, you can jump into the waterfall base and have some fun. The water can feel cold and refreshing, particularly in the summer months. 

Montana Redonda - Volunteer Swinging

Montana Redonda

Previously only a local-known area, Montana Redonda was a tiresome drive over rough roads. However, in recent years things have changed. Straight from Macao Beach, the newly finished highway to Miches will now take you 45 minutes to head here from Punta Cana.

The road to the top is narrow, but has one of the best 360-views of the ocean in the country. There are lagoons on one side and peaks on the other side so high it feels that they are touching the sky. If you are a nature lover, you will love the luscious green surroundings that complement the turquoise blue water of the ocean. You can sit down, relax, and enjoy the view from the restaurants there. They offer local dishes, which means you can get the taste of Dominican cuisines. Photographers are also available, and you can get your pictures take at a price.

Salto Jimenoa Waterfall 1

Salto Jimenoa Waterfall

Situated in the town of Jaraboca, it is just a couple of kilometers from La Vega. It has a height of 35 meters and is one of the highest waterfalls in the Dominican Republic. The locals claim that it is one of the most beautiful sights that nature has to offer. The waterfall glides past the rocks, and at the end, you can see a beach. There is also moss and other aquatic vegetation, which offers a different view.

You can choose one of the many routes to get to the waterfall. You can get there by horse or jeep. However, there is a chance that you will need to walk on foot for at least the last 100 meters to cross a suspension bridge. It is made of logs and ropes and is directly above the Jimeona River. 

Salto Baiguate Waterfall

Salto Baiguate Waterfall

It might not be as attractive as the Salto Jimeno Waterfall, but it still is one of the best places to spend your day. The site is safe and easy to access, and it has a ladder waterfall. Jumping is not recommended!

The Three Eyes

The Three Eyes (Lago Los Tres Ojos)

This is another one of the beauty spots that is located in the Dominican Republic. Located in the capital, Santo Domingo, it’s a wonderful getaway from the city’s busyness. The park has an expansive cave system that includes three freshwater cave pools, or the three eyes as they are called. The first eye is the Aguas Azufradas, which was discovered in 1916. The second eye is the La Nevera, known for its cool temperature. A little further on is the third eye, “Las Damas.” There is also a fourth eye, and it can be viewed when you walk towards the end of the park. It is now accessible by boat.

Monasterio De San Francisco

Monasterio De San Francisco

If you want to go back in history and explore a bit, perhaps you should opt for the rustic and dramatic walled ruins of the San Francisco Monastery. It occupies large blocks of the Colonial City between Calle Duarte and Calle Hostos. Every Sunday, you can catch a merengue concert. However, for the rest of the week, you can visit the ruins. It was built during the 16th century and offers a fantastic backdrop for pictures. It has seen several disasters such as earthquakes and a fire caused by Sir Francis Drake. Yet, it still stands. It was briefly used as a mental asylum during the 20th century. So check out this place to learn a bit of history.

Santuario San Martin De Porres

Santuario San Martin De Porres

This is also one of the historical sites you have to visit if you are heading towards Bani. It is a place for pilgrimage and was established by the Las Tablas believers. The place is quaint, and it was constructed in just one year. The community’s women played a huge role in helping build this monument by carrying buckets of water.

A number of visitors come to this place and climb the immense stairway. It is long and can be exhausting. However, visitors want saints to cure their sorrow and improve their health and economic matters.

The scenery offers quite a natural view. It is surrounded by cabins where many church delegations and visitors come to stay.

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