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A 4North Volunteer smiling with a Dominican citizen.

Where you will travel

The Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countries, with stunning mountain scenery, desert scrublands, evocative colonial architecture and beaches galore. Learn more

Baní, city, southern Dominican Republic, It is located in Peravia Valley, 65 km away from Santo Domingo and 5 km away from the south coast of the Caribbean Sea. The city is a commercial and manufacturing centre for the fertile agricultural hinterland, whose main products are bananas, rice, and coffee. Once here, you will have the chance to visit different museums and know more about the history of the city. 

While you and your fellow volunteers are onsite, you will have the opportunity to venture to the beautiful mountains in Jarabacoa, the adventure capitol of the Dominican Republic. Throughout our adventurous day we will have time to grab lunch at one of the breathtaking mountainside restaurants. 

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Available Travel Packages

DarAgua Water Bottles

Vision Trip

Designed for first time volunteers. A preview of the 4North experience.

$699 | $199 Deposit
Duration - 5 Days
Food Assistance
Water Drop
Skills 4 Living Program


Create and lead workshops for communities. Present your skills and passions!

$799 | $299 Deposit
Duration - 5 Days
Food Assistance
Water Drop
Offroad ATV Vehicle in 4North Branding

Off The Grid

Venture in the mountains and deliver water to communities.

$899 | $399 Deposit
Duration - 5 Days
ATV Tour
Eye exams and glasses
Food Assistance
Water Drop
Dominican Republic Waterfall

Beyond The Blue

A full all-inclusive, immersive experience building a future.

$1999 | $499 Deposit
Duration - 9 Days
ATV Tour
Restoration Project
Eye exams and glasses
Food Assistance
Water Drop
Island Tour
Nurse assisting Dominican Republic community

Stronger Together

A medical-focused program hosted by Travel Nurse Takeover and MedVenture App.

$1399 | $399 Deposit
Duration - 7 Days
ATV Tour
Medical Checkups
Eye exams and glasses
Food Assistance
Water Drop
Traveler standing by the ocean coast

Create Your Program

Partner with The 4North Project and create a flexible travel package.

Contact for Pricing
Customize your activities!


The easiest way to get started is to contact us directly! We are also active on our Facebook and Instagram accounts

We have a range of programs from education, medical clinics, non-medical eye exams, food distribution and much more. We make recommendations based on your interests and experience, and where you can best contribute your skills. For our first-time volunteers, we always recommend our well supported and popular programs in the Dominican Republic where you can meet many other volunteers. It’s best to talk to us if you are unsure of what destination or program is most appropriate for you.

The social aspect of any program is always important. We get volunteers on all our programs; however, some are more popular than others. If you are looking to be with other volunteers, it’s always good to ask us how many will be joining on your start dates. We also have programs that are more independent; given that the projects are fairly busy, you won’t need fellow volunteers in these instances.

We get all age groups from 17 years upwards. Our oldest volunteer has been 68 years old! Age is no bar when it comes to volunteering and we welcome everyone on our programs. On average you can expect volunteers between 21 to 25 years old.

We do not require you to have any specific skills unless you are joining our medical or healthcare programs. We expect that you have an interest in the project to which you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying to teach children, we would hope that you enjoy being around children! On arrival we give you training and necessary resources that you may need for your program. Our local staff are also around for you to give you support at all times.

Cost & other info

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You will have to pay for your airfare, medical and travel insurance, vaccinations and your passport fees. You will also need some extra money for your personal expenses and excursions in country.

We always encourage you to travel with your loved ones. This makes an experience even more special. If you are traveling with your partner, friend(s), or family member(s) we can try to give you accommodations together. Please let us know when you apply.

A lot of volunteers want to combine multiple destinations. If you are thinking of more than one location you can get in touch with us or pick the appropriate countries and program on the application form we send you.

You will be sent a pre-departure guide highlighting what to bring. You will be able to buy basic essentials like soap, shampoo or toothpaste close to your accommodation in most locations. You may want to bring medicines, sun cream, mosquito repellents and personal hygiene products from home.

Short answer: no. A lot of preparations go on behind each program and before your arrival. To ensure that our efforts are not going to waste and so we don’t give your spot to someone else a full payment is required before you arrive. We require the full Program Fee to be paid at least two weeks prior to arrival. You cannot pay in cash in country. All payments must be submitted as per the invoice stated. Please read the Terms and Conditions before you sign up!

Most volunteers use personal savings to fund the program fee. You can also try fundraising for your trip. Ask us about the proper fundraising techniques before you start. 


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We give sufficient information so you feel comfortable and confident to travel to your chosen destination.
  • Pre-departure Preparation: You will receive your country relevant pre departure guide that covers all the basics on what to bring, culture and project related information. This will also have the pertinent information for your local contact in town.
  • On arrival and during the trip You will get an area orientation and program specific training. A health and safety briefing is also included when necessary.
  • Staff Support: All our programs will have a local Country Manager who will be your main point of contact along with other staff members who will be supporting you on the projects at all times. Although you will work independently, we will support for if you are feeling nervous and until you feel comfortable and prepared for your project.
All our programs include airport transfers. A 4north Representative and a trusted driver will be waiting for you at the airport.

You will be picked up from the place of your residence and dropped at project site. At the end of the day you will be picked up from the project site and taken back to place of residence at the set timing. Logistics are managed by our ground staff. We also use local transport such as buses or local taxis. In some locations motor scooters are provided.

We make regular donations from the program fees that go back into a project already. We do not recommend giving out cash to anyone directly. If you wish to donate, please get in touch with us by email donate@4north.org and we can advise you on how best to donate.

Health & Safety

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For all 4North travels, it is required that you get a COVID Rapid test performed 48 hours before your departure date and for the Dominican Republic, it is recommended that you receive the Hepatitis A, Malaria and Tetanus vaccines.

We strongly encourage you to take out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover the event that you fall ill. This coverage should certainly include all medical-related expenses, and emergency air lifts where required. All program locations have several good private hospitals, nursing homes and health clinics available. We will give you information to the nearest doctors and our staff will be there to help you in case you keep feeling unwell. We keep a basic medical kit you can access at home and when you are on site. We will give you the numbers of local doctors, hospitals and our local staff who you can contact 24/7 in case of any medical emergency.

  • Travel advisories are monitored
  • Copies of all passports, medical and travel insurance, emergency contact information, dietary and medical requirements are collected
  • Staff have up-to-date first-aid training and carry a comprehensive first-aid kit at all times
  • Local hospitals and local doctors are able to handle any minor or major medical situations
  • All travel occurs during the day and under the guidance of facilitators
  • Full training given to participants for any health and safety hazards
  • Access to filtered or bottled water is available at all times.

Overall most countries we work in are peaceful and local people are very friendly and supportive. We ensure all possible measures regarding safety and security of our guests. We will give you health and safety training, culture orientation as well as emergency contact numbers of local staff, medical centres and police. However, no trip can be guaranteed to be one hundred percent safe, and each guest must recognize that travel to developing countries is, in general, less safe than travel to developed countries.

We have Wifi available at the guest house as well as in the vehicles. For a mobile network you will need to speak with your cell provider.

We highly recommend you carry your laptops or smart devices so you can connect with family and friends at home and also stay connected. Most locations are safe but we do not guarantee safety. All electronic devices must be kept locked when you are not at home.