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Baní – The Dominican Mango capital. The city of poets.

The Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countries, with stunning mountain scenery, desert scrublands, evocative colonial architecture and beaches galore. Learn more

Baní, city, southern Dominican Republic, It is located in Peravia Valley, 65 km away from Santo Domingo and 5 km away from the south coast of the Caribbean Sea. The city is a commercial and manufacturing centre for the fertile agricultural hinterland, whose main products are bananas, rice, and coffee. Once here, you will have the chance to visit different museums and know more about the history of the city. Some of the museums are: Máximo González Museum, located in the park of the same name, and the César González Celado Museum and Historical Archive, in which documents about the history of the city and the Dominican Republic are preserved.

Finally, the city’s traditional popular festivals are the Regional Carnival and the Patron Saint festivities. The regional carnival is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of March, and some other provinces such as Azua, San José de Ocoa and Monseñor Manuel participate in it.

Students in a Dominican classroom
A 4North volunteer smiling with Dominican children
Volunteer looking into the water
Dominican Republic Community

Tour, learn and experience!

A 4North Vision Trip is designed for first time volunteers or group leaders. This experience will give you a full preview of what we offer. As you tour the communities, meet the people, and discuss the projects, our Vision Trip will help you discover your role for the next 4North journey.  

Role requirements

Anyone and everyone! A vision trip is a great opportunity for friends and family travel groups to get their feet wet and learn Dominican culture and sustainable efforts.


Create, provide, and lead. The floor is yours!

Skills4Living is a collaboration of different skill sets, passions and talents offering creative workshops, driven by the volunteers, that educate and guide the communities in a positive way.

Your journey will start moments after you land. The team will begin the preparations for the 2 day workshops you will be presenting to the people. We’ve seen many workshops in the past from self-defense courses, dance empowerment programs, sports activities and much more.

Role requirements

Anyone and everyone! A vision trip is a great opportunity for friends and family travel groups to get their feet wet and learn Dominican culture and sustainable efforts.

  • Educators
  • Carpenters
  • Artists
  • Cooks
  • Engineers
  • Athletes
  • Painters
  • Mechanics
Boy playing basketball
Teacher Helping Student
The 4North Project - Vision Trip - Dominican Republic
Volunteer helping community
Off The Grid

Step outside your comfort zone with an adventurous opportunity.

Beginning near Bani, Dominican Republic, our rugged motor scooters or ATV’s will take you to the areas not located on Google Maps. At times, you will be without cell service and/or electricity. There is no customization or planning on your end, you simply go with the flow, with all programs and projects locked in and optional experiences provided.

DarAgua Water Delivery
Help us with our new water delivery service
Role requirements

Anyone and everyone! As long as you and your travel companions feel comfortable traveling on our ATV’s, you will be able to experience everything this travel package has to offer.


Living the life in Jarabacoa

While you and your fellow volunteers are onsite, you will have the opportunity to venture to the beautiful mountains in Jarabacoa, the adventure capitol of the Dominican Republic. Throughout our adventurous day we will have time to grab lunch at one of the breathtaking mountainside restaurants. 

*There is a  fee for each add-on adventure. Contact for more detail.

Paragliding in the Dominican Republic


Off-road riding

River rafting

River rafting

Poolside day

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