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We take pride in being experience providers for all of our volunteers. From the moment you land, our staff will take you to the places that are off the grid, teach you about a different way of life and connect you with our social impact programs to help local communities.

Journey to Bani

Journey To Bani

Join us for an immersive travel experience, driven by our mission statement: “Offer developing worlds Sustainable and Secure Solutions while Educating and Empowering the people.”

On a 4North assignment you’ll learn about developing worlds, meet amazing communities and help solve global issues.

Our Co-Founder, Matt Gewirtz, first traveled to Uganda, also known as The Pearl Of Africa, for a global responsibility assignment 6 years ago. He fell in love with the people, culture and way of life. Today, after several assignments in Uganda, he is inviting a small group to travel with him and witness what continues to bring 4North back. 

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