Vibrant In Color

Rotary International (Project 3 of 12) — Galeon, DR (Painted A House)

We are becoming more familiar with the process of building and installing usable water systems. As for our first restoration project, it happened by accident. During a scouting day, we took a wrong turn and ended up in front of an unpainted family home.

The family was sitting outside so we started a conversation with them. We simply asked if they planned on painting the house and the answer was a quick no due to affordability. The Mother told us that this was her dream house and she always wanted to paint it a bright lime green.

That wrong turn ended up being a blessing for the family. We explained what The 4North Project is and that we would like to gift her family the paint and labor at no cost to them. To say they were excited is an understatement.

Two days later we brought in a team of volunteers and started to paint. Unlike our usable water projects, almost every volunteer can join in for a restoration project. Although none of us were professional house painters, we had just enough skill to pull this off.

The beautiful part about starting a project in a small community is that the neighbors join in to help with whatever they can from making sure we are hydrated, feeding us, washing brushes or even jumping in to help paint. This was truly a community effort.